Academic Sinica Digital Resources

To benefit website users for online search of digital archives achievements of Academia Sinica, a portal called Academia Sinica Digital Resources was established in 2008. The goal is to provide free access to all digital archives contents. The portal was established based on the TELDAP union catalog and it contains thematic digital archives articles and also other services. Academia Sinica is planning to merge the website of TELDAP catalog after the end of the digital archives projects, and will join us by providing more services for the institutes, thematic centers and the citizens. The clienteles of digital archives resources portal include both professional researchers and general public. We offer readable digital archives contents and easily accessible services to the public for the purpose of attracting more users. As for the researchers and professionals, we have provided the services for professional cataloging and searching.

Academia Sinica Digital Resources make most of the digital archives developed in Academia Sinica available to the public. Hereafter are several functions:

Digital archives database: Provide first hand research data for professionals in need.
Digital archive database is part of the Academia Sinica Digital Resources website and it has the first hand data for academic research from digital archives sub-projects. There are at least 900,000 data open for the users right now. Since digital archives database of various institutes have been linked with the portal, online users can access easily more information in details.

Database distributing area: Provide quick search for the users.
The achievements of digital archives cross over humanity and nature science fields. We have almost one hundred thematic websites and databases officially online in Academia Sinica over the past few years. Since each website or database contains enormous information and data, the database distributing area then decided to categorize all the websites and databases and add the authorization of databases in details. The users can then have a quick search from the website or to get a better understanding of what each sub-project has achieved or done.

Digital archives exhibition center online service: Provide information and services for special exhibitions.
The digital archives achievements included both physical exhibition center and its digital exhibition version online from the portal. We provide information of the physical exhibitions and coordinate with the recent exhibitions. When the physical exhibition ends, we will digitize and convert it into a virtual exhibition for online users.

Value-add images depository: Provide assorted digital archives photos and materials
Academia Sinica Digital Resources have built the "value-added images depository." This depository provides free digital collections selected for non-profit use. These images are selected from various digital archives projects, and have been made more accessible for the designing and developing purposes. We have edited the images so that they will be more suitable for value-added use. About 500 suits are currently available.

Subject articles area: Provide articles of digital collections.
We invite or accept the digital archives workers and users to join us for writing professional articles. The articles provide easyto- access materials of the digital collections to the public, making readers to know more about our digital archives subprojects and current digital archives information. Authorization district: Provide all kinds of authorization information and services

Academia Sinica Authorization district provides authorization contract downloadable for users. After receiving the application for authorization, our staff will contact the users for further process.Academia Sinica Digital Resources serves as a bridge between Academia Sinica and the general public. It provides massive contents from organized digital archives to the users.